With fashion and customer service for all.

​​Ella Fesyen Sdn Bhd

  • Manage a textile business entity aimed at producing own design in gents&ladies wear
  • To establish a modern and effictive textile manufacturing company that can provide high quality for the needs of corporates and institutional users as well as individuals with excellent service and high integrity
  • To generate local young generation into fashion design to become a better fashion designer(tailors) 
  • To provide a better working opportunity to local fashion designers.
  • To increase number of outlets nation wide, to create better marketing channel.   

Nature of buisness


   Ella Fesyen (M) Sdn. Bhd was founded in year ? by our great grandfather Mr. Thangaraju       Perumal. At first, my grandfather faced a lot of struggles in his life but finally he managed     to start his buisness in the name of Raju Tailoring at Pasar Besar Seremban, Negeri           Sembilan. He was an expert in Tailoring but it was mainly for women at that time. He             started his business in early 1980's. In late 1990's, his sons helped their dad by joining in       the business after they are done with their studies. His sons mastered in tailoring after         they were graduated from IKBN specialised in Tailoring&Fashion for Men&Women. Then,       they worked together with their dad to upgrade their business by involving in new                   businesses such as Gents&Ladies Tailoring and Textile as well. Due to great support from     customers, they upgraded their business from small stall to a big corporate company             named as Ella Fesyen (M) Sdn. Bhd. They decided to open many outlets at various places     due to high demand from customers because of reasonable prices of goods and also             provide good services. This company was succeeded and currently there are 5 outlets           opened in Nilai, Seremban and Sungai Pelek. Their 35 years of business knowledge gave       them a huge victory and yeah the service will be the same and continued. 

   #Traditional&Trendy under one roof

 To be a leading textile company and to be the best for our customers and consumers by offring superior quality products at   reasonable prices and with excellecent service. 

  Design and manufacture gents&ladies apparels for personal and factories. Import readymade      gents&ladies textiles, fabrics, wearings, apparels and accessories for retail and wholesale.        Selling all kinds of indian artificial wears. Selling all kinds of silver and brass housewares.      Selling all kinds of provision goods.